PowerCLI Core


PowerCLI Core uses Microsoft PowerShell Core and .Net Core to enable users of VMware Photon OS, Linux, Mac and Docker to now use the same cmdlets which were previously only available on windows.

PowerCLI Core enables a multi-platform scripting language which will allow you to manage your VMware infrastructure on any OS. Scripts written previously against the windows version are now made portable to a number of operating systems and can simply be loaded and run on these new OS versions without change.

PowerCLI Core can be downloaded from the VMware Flings site: and used with he below instructions to be deployed.

PowerCLI Core vs PowerCLI for Windows

This initial version provides access to the core vSphere module including over 280 cmdlets allowing you to manage most of the major features of vCenter and ESXi. The below table shows the difference between the windows version and what is currently offered for PowerCLI Core:

Module Description PowerCLI for Windows PowerCLI Core
Core vCenter and ESXi Cmdlets
VDS vSphere Distributed Switch Cmdlets
CIS vSphere REST API Cmdlets
Storage Storage Cmdlets X
License License View Cmdlet X
VUM Update Manager Cmdlets X
Auto Deploy Auto Deploy Cmdlets X
Image Builder Image Builder Cmdlets X
VCD vCloud Director Cmdlets X
vCloud Air vCloud Air Cmdlets X


Date Tag Change
04-18-17 Latest Added CIS REST API Cmdlets
01-11-17 Latest Added PowerVRA Module for managing vRealize Automation
01-05-17 Latest Added PowerNSX Module for managing NSXv